Why Choose Washington Probate Services, Inc.?

Here are a few reasons you may wish to designate Washington Probate Services, Inc. (“WPS”) as your personal representative:

WPS’s staff is trained in all aspects of probate to make sure your assets are distributed the way you want.

WPS is familiar with how to make sure all of your assets are collected, including benefits your family may not know you are entitled to have.

WPS is a non-biased party who can make decisions based upon your will and distribute your property without dividing your family in potential conflicts.

WPS’s staff is trained to handle your estate whether large or small.

WPS is required to keep an accurate accounting of all your assets and debts when acting as sole personal representative and is required to file a final accounting with the court. Your personal representative may not be required to do so.

WPS is bonded. Your personal representative may not be required to be bonded.

WPS can act as your trustee and/or your personal representative.

WPS will inventory your assets, pay debts and collect monies due, conduct an estate sale if necessary, handle insurance matters, handle funeral arrangements, and distribute your estate quickly.

WPS can be appointed personal representative to accept service of your summons and complaint, publish notice to creditors, and handle your creditor’s claim on behalf of your clients claim for damages.


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